Work Place Injury

Injury at Work and Workers Compensation

Workers' compensation is an invaluable safety net, but it may not fully cover the losses if you or your family member was seriously injured on the job. While an employee , injured at work, cannot sue your employer, you may have claims against a subcontractor, a manufacturer or other party who caused the workplace accident.

We will vigorously pursue the third-party compensation claim to help you and your family  recover physically and financially from a work place accident. While you may be entitled to workers compensation, a claim for wrongful conduct of other persons who are also working on that job place may be at fault and resposible to pay for harm and loss that is not covered by workers compensation. If there is an overlap of damage then the workers compensation provider may be entitled to repayment for its loss also.

We know how to investigate workplace accidents to identify other parties who may be liable for damages such as:

  • Subcontractors on the same work site
  • Manufacturers or servicers of machinery and equipment
  • Property owners who created a safety hazard
  • Motorists who caused an on-the-job auto accident

We represent construction workers, truck drivers, factory employees, industrial plant workers and anyone injured on the job through a third party's negligence or reckless disregard for safety in work place injuries against persons other than the employer of the hurt employee

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