Business and Personal Service Practice

Business and Personal Law Services

We represent individuals and families, as well as companies and corporations, regarding their business, real estate, financing, and personal needs, which includes the obtaining, preservation, management, and transfer of wealth.

We represent businesses (small and mid-size and family business) and individuals on the formation of a business, the purchase and sale of business assets, and the financial matters related to the business, including the purchase, sale and lease of commercial and residential real estate, construction and land development, commercial leases, employer-employee relationship matters, contracts from the creation, negotiation, closing on a deal to the enforcement of the contract.

We are involved in our clients' business planning, succession planning, estate planning, asset protection, elder law and disability planning, and the administration of probate estates, trust administration, and business transfers. 

Estate Plan, Wealth Transfer, and Business Plans

  • We regularly advise individual and corporate fiduciaries in connection with the administration of large and complex estates and trusts.
  • Many of our clients are successful business owners and their families, with investors, and highly-compensated business people and professionals. We assist our clients and their business with the contracts, buy-sell agreements, employee contracts that are needed.
  • We have broad experience and knowledge of State and federal estate, inheritance, gift tax and generation-skipping, and income tax law which helps us create and implement effective estate plans, wealth transfer plans, and business succession plans.
  • We want our planning process for our clients to minimize the effect of taxes, to achieve our clients with flexibility that will provide for future events, and to address changing family circumstances and wealth needs.
  • We can help our clients avoid probate administrative costs using Revocable Trusts, living trusts, and other estate planning tools.
  • Our estate documentation usually includes the use of Last Wills, Financial Power of Attorney, Declarations and Living Wills, Health Care Powers of Attorney, Burial Designee Agents, Limited POA, Guardianship, and Conservatorships.
  • We advise our clients in the proper administration of Trusts and Probate process.
  • Asset protection is something that many clients want, which can take many forms depending on the goals, location, type of asset, and value.

Real Estate: Commercial and Residential Transactions and Planning

We represent individuals and corporations who are land developers or sellers or buyers of real estate - commercial and residential - and contractors, subcontractors, and real estate users. We are actively and deeply involved in all aspects of the transaction, including the negotiation of the deal, the due diligence and the preparation of purchase and sale documents, conditional sale agreements, mortgages, deeds of trusts, easements, commercial leases, documents concerning environmental conditions, warranties and indemnities, escrow agreements, license agreements, and other documents.

We provide a wide range of services in our real estate practice, but we are not a real estate "mill" practice.

Our business, individual, corporate, and other clients use our services because of our broad knowledge and experience with the acquisition and disposition of real estate in Iowa and Illinois. Our services include single event transactions, stand-alone transactions, and multiple phased acquisitions and dispositions. We are involved in numerous types of construction projects, retail, commercial, subdivisions, malls, apartment complexes, professional offices, industrial buildings, special use properties, and retail centers. Our professionals use a complete substantive system for handling the sale and purchase of residential real estate. We have extensive experience in zoning matters, including contested rezoning projects, special permits, and variances. 

Our clients include developers of commercial and major residential subdivisions and condominium projects. We have worked with builders, owners, and engineers in the acquisition, zoning, planning, and subdivision.

Corporate Law: Formation and Operation, Purchase to Sale or Transfer. 

We represent individuals who and others who want to start a company, form a corporation or limited liability company, or other business entities, including non-profit and profit corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships. We provide our clients with advice, negotiation assistance, and document preparation in all aspects of business formation, purchase, operation, and transfer or sale thereof. We have extensive experience in the following areas of general corporate practice:

  • Organizing profit and non-profit businesses, corporations, Limited Liability Company, and partnerships.
  • Our service includes documentation and filing Articles of Incorporation or Organization documents, Operating Agreements or By-laws, minutes of owner meetings, and director meetings.
  • We provide advice, direction, and risk analysis for the clients' business and its internal governance of the corporation and structuring the corporate board and voting of shares to deal with corporate control and succession issues.
  • Organizing limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and partnerships, and preparing related organizational documents.
  • Negotiating and drafting buy-sell agreements for the owners, the corporate shareholders, partners, and LLC members.
  • Negotiating and preparing documents relating to asset purchase and company mergers, and asset or stock transfers.
  • Advise and documentation of special and regular corporate filings, including annual reports.
  • Qualification of corporations to do business in other states.
  • Preparation of corporate resolutions and minutes of Board of Directors' and Shareholders' meetings.
  • Advice and counsel regarding duties and liabilities of corporate directors and officers.
  • Advice and counsel fiduciary duty issues.
  • Advice and counsel regarding employee matters, non-compete agreements, trade secrets and property protection.
  • Contract negotiation, preparation, and enforcement .

Banking and Financial 

We have represented financial institutions over the years, and we have also assisted our individual and company business clients in obtaining financing. Our experience includes advice concerning the terms and conditions of a bank proposed loan, as well as helping our bank clients and our business with the negotiation of financing arrangements and the negotiation and drafting of:

  • Commercial loan agreements, term or short term -loan agreements. 
  • Mortgages, deeds of trust, security agreements, and financing statements.
  • Subordination and non-disturbance agreements.
  • Lease for collateral assignments.
  • Security agreements and UCC documentation.
  • Loan workout agreements and voluntary turn-over of assets of debtors.
  • Collection on loans balances, mortgage foreclosures, and repossession or replevin of commercial property.

Our Approach

We will work hard to earn your trust and loyalty through our commitment to you and your case, by our work ethic, our experience and resources, our deep commitment to obtain justice and our honest ethical approach.