Handling criminal and non-criminal cases

Homicide is the killing of another human being. However, not all homicides are crimes. Depending on the situation, intent to kill or malice may or may not be present. Non-criminal homicides include killing in self-defense or a death resulting from an automobile accident in which there was no criminal activity involved.

Regardless of the level of charges, anyone accused of homicide or murder needs immediate, highly experienced legal representation and guidance. During a difficult time and often complicated and overwhelming process, you need someone you can count on to hear you out and represent your case under the rights that all U.S. citizens deserve.

A Passion for Defense
The team of highly skilled and experienced criminal trial attorneys at B M C K H Law , we will be there in your time of need. We understand the intricacies of Iowa  criminal laws and how to effectively use them to your advantage.

Our Mission Statement

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