Theft or Robbery

A better path to criminal defense

Robbery and Theft are serious felony offense, and the consequences can be severe. As with any potential crime, if you are accused of robbery, your first step should be to acquire a highly experienced criminal trial attorney who will vigorously protect your rights.

You may be experiencing a flood of emotions ranging from confusion to fear. And usually that stems from not fully understanding your rights or what the specific laws regarding robbery really mean. You probably have a number of questions and feelings all mixed together. We're here to help you sort it all out and provide you with the tough defense you will need should your case go to trial.

Specializing in Defense Strategy
We have attorneys that regularly handles criminal cases in Iowa . We understand state laws, as well as the complex criminal justice system and the defense strategies necessary to navigate it. We will start by helping you understand your rights and sorting out the evidence in your specific case, guiding you through each step in the process. We believe every citizen is innocent until proven guilty, and we have attorneys who consider it a  mission to  exhaust every available resource and to deliver the best defense case we can.

Our Mission Statement

We will work hard to earn your trust and loyalty through our commitment to you and your case, by our work ethic, our experience and resources, our deep commitment to obtain justice and our honest ethical approach.