Corporate Law: Formation and Operation, Purchase to Sale or Transfer. 

Corporate Law: Formation and Operation, Purchase to Sale or Transfer. 

We represent individuals who and others who want to start a company, form a corporation or limited liability company, or other business entities, including non-profit and profit corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships. We provide our clients with advice, negotiation assistance, and document preparation in all aspects of business formation, purchase, operation, and transfer or sale thereof. We have extensive experience in the following areas of general corporate practice:

  • Organizing profit and non-profit businesses, corporations, Limited Liability Company, and partnerships.
  • Our service includes documentation and filing Articles of Incorporation or Organization documents, Operating Agreements or By-laws, minutes of owner meetings, and director meetings.
  • We provide advice, direction, and risk analysis for the clients' business and its internal governance of the corporation and structuring the corporate board and voting of shares to deal with corporate control and succession issues.
  • Organizing limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and partnerships, and preparing related organizational documents.
  • Negotiating and drafting buy-sell agreements for the owners, the corporate shareholders, partners, and LLC members.
  • Negotiating and preparing documents relating to asset purchase and company mergers, and asset or stock transfers.
  • Advise and documentation of special and regular corporate filings, including annual reports.
  • Qualification of corporations to do business in other states.
  • Preparation of corporate resolutions and minutes of Board of Directors' and Shareholders' meetings.
  • Advice and counsel regarding duties and liabilities of corporate directors and officers.
  • Advice and counsel fiduciary duty issues.
  • Advice and counsel regarding employee matters, non-compete agreements, trade secrets and property protection.
  • Contract negotiation, preparation, and enforcement.

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