Construction Site Injury

Injured in a construction accident?

Working in a construction site  is one of the most dangerous fields in which to work. Therefore contractors, sub-contractors, owners and employers have a responsibility to maintain a certain level of safety at a construction site. Those in the field of construction typically handle a wide array of dangerous materials and situations on a day-to-day basis, so maintaining safety on a site is the shared responsibility of several parties. Unfortunately, many construction-related injuries are catastrophic in nature, drastically impacting every aspect of the victim's life and having a long-term negative effect on their physical capabilities.

We are familiar with regulations and proper safety practices that should be taken on construction sites for all the workers and people using the site. If you or your loved one has been injured, then please call us to review your case for any evidence of negligence (failure of people to take due care and follow accepted customary safety procedures. 

One option may be to file a worker's compensation claim. Another option that must be evaluated is whether your case involves third party liability, by such persons as a utilities company, subcontractor, equipment manufacturer or others. We are is ready to help first to evaluate the facts and the issues of culpability, and then to represent you if the case is properly founded in fact and the law. 

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