Premises Liability (Trip , Slip & Fall)

Unsafe Premises, Hidden Defects

Slip/trip and Fall Injury are one of the leading Causes of Death in America

Property owners, landlords and managers of shopping centers, parking garages, hotels, airports, schools, night clubs and other properties have a responsibility to maintain their properties in a way that does not pose an unreasonable danger. By law they are required to make reasonable efforts to protect visitors from hazards such as:

  • Slippery or uneven flooring
  • Unsafe stairwells
  • Criminal activity
  • Dangers due to lack of security
  • Unkempt conditions that could cause serious injuries
  • Tripping hazards

Sometimes these businesses are not aware of such dangerous conditions. Other times they know about them but do not take the necessary steps to protect the public. In both of these cases, property owners and managers can be held liable for injuries and death on their property. This constitutes premises liability.

Digging Deep for Accountability

With a reputation for exhaustive investigation and extensive courtroom practice, BMCKH law firm will leverage extensive human talent and techniques specific to premises liability to ensure that your case is handled effectively. When evaluating and preparing each case, our team of attorneys reviews factors such as:

  • How long the unsafe condition was present
  • Whether or not reasonable measures were taken to correct the condition
  • Whether the behavior of the injured party contributed to the injury

Our premises liability attorneys work hard from day one to gather physical evidence, witness testimony and other information to support your case should it go to court.

BMCKH law firm serves victims suffering from slip-and-fall injuries and negligent security incidents, as well as those with other premises liability or personal injury claims. We live and work in the Quad Cities Iowa  , but we also handle cases throughout Iowa, Illinois and Texas

The cornerstone of a premises liability claim is proving that the owner or manager of the property or the person responsible to maintain it in good condition, had knowledge of a dangerous condition and sufficient opportunity to address it. A good legal team is needed to investigate who, if anyone, was at fault and to establish who is responsible - the owner, property manager, maintenance contractor or the person that was hurt. Was there a failure to design the premises safely, or construct and maintain it. Was there advance knowledge of the danger . Was there corrective measures taken. Was there proper warning, if the condition could not be remedied. 

Premises Liability Litigation

Premises Liability generally refers to the area of law that deals with injuries occurring on someone else's property because of the fault or negligence of the owner of that property.

Property owners are required to do what is reasonable to protect those who lawfully enter on their property from injury. These property owners include business owners, homeowners and municipalities.

Here are some examples that impact children:

Playground located under pine trees. The second leading type of child death and serious injury occurs at playgrounds. Playgrounds are intended to be places of fun and recreation. Unfortunately,  there can be  hidden dangers such as falling tree limbs, exposed beams, sharp edges and unprotected electrical wiring are all sources of potential serious injury or death to our child clients.

 Another leading source of injury for children (and adults) occurs at shopping malls and grocery stores and “fun: stores such as toy stores. Serious injury can originate from falling objects such as boxes dropping  from shelves or unsecured areas where children can trip and fall.

The past 10-15 years there has been an increase in injuries and deaths at hotels, apartment complexes, malls, and ATM machines. Premises liability law now deals with  inadequate property security.

 Premises liability requires knowledgeable attorneys.

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