Unemployment Hearings

Unemployment Lawyers

The process of collecting unemployment compensation can be lengthy and frustrating for anyone who is unfamiliar with the system. We can help the employer or  employee at the unemployment appeal hearings, unemployment re-hearings, unemployment over-payments (fraud and non-fraud), Unemployment Compensation Board of Review hearings or remand hearings, and other unemployment litigation in Iowa.

At an unemployment hearing, after you are sworn in, you are basically told “make your case.” Without an unemployment lawyer, you must deliver a speech that makes the correct legal points, provides evidence (both documentary and testimonial), makes or defends objections, and avoids making  damaging statements. Unrepresented parties often are subject to the referees questioning them as, if it were a cross examination. This is can be an intimidating experience.


With a good unemployment lawyer, you will have invaluable assistance of an experienced professional who can prepare you, develop the hearing legal strategy, challenge the employer's witnesses, and  guide you through the contentious questioning from your employer's unemployment attorney.

An unemployment lawyer can guide you so that you do not destroy your own case. What is at stake is potentially over a year of unemployment benefits.  You need a thoughtful, attentive, and aggressive unemployment attorney to help you secure your rights and your benefits.

What are the top reasons people seek unemployment benefits?

  • You were laid off due to lack of work
  • You were fired without good cause
  • You quit your job with good cause
  • You had to leave your job because of domestic violence
  • You needed to quit your job because of a personal reason
  • You were fired through no fault of your own
  • You were discriminated against
  • You were fired for a seemingly minor or absurd reason
  • You felt pressured to leave and couldn't continue working
  • You were told you would get your unemployment benefits

Our Approach

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