Estate & Trusts Tax Returns

Tax Returns for The Estate or Trusts

The fiduciary of an Estate and a Trust will usually each need to file fiduciary income tax returns and perhaps file Iowa Inheritance Tax and Federal Estate Tax Return.  The Estate may need to file an Iowa Inheritance tax return and/or a Federal Estate tax return. The inheritance and estate tax returns are due to be filed nine months after the decedent's death, unless extended by proper filings. The Fiduciary income tax returns are filed with a few months of the end of either the calendar year or on a 12 month fiscal year basis, until the estate is closed.

We assist our clients in doing these returns Ask your tax and legal adviser about filing a federal estate tax return, even if there is not sufficient value of the decedents property to require the filing of a federal estate tax return when the first spouse passes away. There may be beneficial tax reasons to file such a return to preserve the portability of tax benefits that a surviving spouse may need in the future (on the second spouse death)

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