Repossession & Replevin

Gain Possession of Collateral and Property

If a customer  or other person that owed a proper debt to you or has your property without legal permission, and not cooperating with you or communicating with you to resolve the problem, you may need to take proper legal action to recover the property. e with you, or is hiding assets? When debtors default on the  loan lease or contract, creditors can pursue  legal action to recover possession and ownership of collateral Repossession or Replevin  

When you're trying to recover the collateral that was pledged by the borrower for security to repay the debt, time is of essence. We represent banks, businesses and individuals through the collateral recovery process.  We have have extensive experience to enforcing debt repayment and recovering collateral through repossession and replevin.  Iowa and Illinois have similar but different laws that can be used to obtain possession of , and cause the sale of property that is wrongfully withheld from our clients or that our clients hold a lien (security agreement , UCC or other contractual right). We have in-depth knowledge of Iowa and Illinois debt collection and collateral recovery laws as well as the strategies that our clients may  use to enforce the repayment of debts or the return of secured collateral.  We can willing to help our clients  recover collateral by contacting your debtor to discuss recovery plans that can be executed out of court, or commencing legal action to regain possession of the property, or working with your local sheriff to collect personal property as collateral and reduce the debt of the loan. 

What Is Repossession?

Lenders that make loans secured by personal property have a right to repossess the property if borrowers default on payments or otherwise breach their contracts. Creditors are permitted to use self-help repossession of the property ins some situations under the law, if peaceably retaking possession of the collateral from debtors after default is possible. Alternatively there are legal actions that can be filed with the Court to regain possession of the property pledged as collateral for the loan   without resorting to legal action. Once a creditor has taken possession of the collateral, it can either keep it or sell it. If the debtor resists the repossession of the secured property, however, the lender can take legal action.

What Is Replevin?

A person can secure collateral through replevin lawsuit , when access to the property is unavailable. Replevin is an efficient way to legally gain possession or to repossess collateral when self-help repossession is not viable.  A replevin action is based on the unlawful detention of personal property. The objective of a replevin is to obtain possession of the property through order of the courtr. If the collateral is at risk of being seriously damaged or secreted, a court order can be obtained for its immediate repossession by a sheriff. By bringing a Replevin action, sometimes, we can often recover collateral much more quickly than through repossession.

Our Approach

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