Trial Courtoom Practice

Trial and Courtroom Practice

We handle a wide variety of cases in trial before a jury and judge in the Iowa, Illinois and Federal Courts.  We represent clients at all levels of state and federal trial and appellate courts, as well as in arbitration and mediation.

We recognize that an early, prudent settlement is often times better for a client than a costly and time-consuming legal battle.  When appropriate, we recommend alternative dispute resolution procedures to bring resolution to litigation, to reduce the costs and delays often associated with litigation.

Whether trying a case or negotiating with an adversary, we understand the importance of managing a case efficiently, analyzing risk and options to our clients as new facts become known.  We communicate regularly with clients throughout the process.  We try to provide our clients with the timely guidance that will allow them to make sound decisions.

The following related areas of litigation and information can be found elsewhere on this website about the firm's services and experience, including our experience in alternative dispute resolution.

Trials and Appeals and Administrative Agency

  • Auto, Truck and Bike Injury
  • Bank Litigation
  • Body & Brain Injury
  • Business & Commerce Litigation
  • Collection and Bankruptcy Matters
  • Construction Litigation
  • Consumer Protection Matters
  • Contract Enforcement or Breach
  • Criminal Matters
  • Employment Litigation
  • Environmental Disputes
  • Estate, Wills, and Trust Litigation
  • Family Law
  • Fiduciary Duties
  • Insurance Contracts, Benefits, & Claim Dispute
  • Local Counsel for Out of State Attorneys
  • Medical, Legal and Professional Malpractice
  • Mortgage Foreclosure and Lien Enforcement
  • Premises Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Probate and Wealth Transfer Litigation
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Work Place Injury
  • Wrongful Death
  • Appeals and Appellate Practice
  • Unemployment Claim
  • Workers Compensation
  • Social Security Benefits

Personal Injury

Catastrophic Injury
Back, Neck, Shoulder, Arm and Hand Injury
Brain Injury (TBI)
Burn Injury
Bus crash
Car accident
Construction Site Injury
Leg, Knee, Ankle and Foot Injury
Boat and Water Craft  and Marine injury
Dog bite and Animal harm
Defective or Unsafe  Products
Truck and Commercial Vehicle Accident
Motorcycle accident
Pedestrian Injury
Premise Liability
Trip, Slip & Fall Injury
Medical Malpractice
Lawyer & Professional Malpractice
Negligent Security
Negligent Supervision Injury 
Nursing Home
Sports Injury
Train and Railroad Crossing Injury
Work Place Injury
Workers Compensation
Wrongful Death
Banking Litigation:
Bankruptcy Matters - creditor protection
Contract Enforcement
Lien and Security Interest Enforcement
Mortgage Enforcement and Foreclosure
Lien and Security Interest Enforcement
Promissory Notes Collection
Business & Contract Litigation
Bank & Finance Matters
Breach of Contract 
Business Torts 
Business Collection
Contract Enforcement and Reformation
Collection and Bankruptcy Matters
Fiduciary Duties
Employment Duty Enforcement
Shareholder - Owner Rights
Interference with Contracts
Governance Disputes
Franchise Rights & Duties
Construction Litigation
Contract Enforcement and Intrepretation
Mechanic lien - Enforced and Defended
Warranty and Defective Work Enforced and Defended
Consumer Protection
Defective Product
Consumer Warranty Claim
Magnuson-Moss Warranty Claims
Wrongful Foreclosure and Debt Collection
Employment Litigation - for Employer and  Employees
Civil Rights
Adverse Work Environment
Fiduciary Duties
Non-Compete and Trade Secrets
Owner, Shareholder and Director Duties
Wage Issues
Workers Compensation
Estate, Will Content & Trust Litigation
Creditor Claims
Elder abuse claims
Fiduciary Duties
Interpretation of Wills and Trust and Documents
Medicaid and Medicare Claims
Spousal Share and Rights
Spouse  & Child Support or Allowance
Undue Influence
Will and Trust Contest
Family Law Litigation
Adoption and Termination of Parent Rights
Child Support
Spousal Support and Alimony
Custody and Visitation
Divorce and Separation 
Property Division
Pre-Marital Agreements
Post Divorce Modifications
Sexual Assault
Insurance Litigation
Bad Faith Issues
Coverage Issues
Contract Interpretation
Director and Officer Duty claim and defense
Disability Insurance
Homeowners Insurance
Under Insured and Un-Insured Coverage
Property , Fire and Casualty Claims
Torts, Negligence and Casualty Insurance
Real estate Litigation
Adverse Possession
Boundary Disputes
Breach of Contract or Lease
Contract Enforcement and Collection 
Eminent Domain, & Inverse Condemnation
Defective Property Design or Construction
Disclosure and Non-disclosure issues
Eminent Domain, & Inverse Condemnation
Easements & Right of Way
Hidden or  Latent Defects
Landlord-Tenant Issues
Mortgage & Lien Enforcement or Defense
Partition of Land
Restrivtive and Protective Covenants
Specific Performance
Zoning and Special Use
Criminal Law
Public Intoxication
Sexual Abuse
Elder Abuse
Child Endangerment
Administrative Agency Matters
Workers Compensation
Apealls  and Appellate Practice
Iowa Appellate Courts and Iowa Supreme Court - Brief and Arguments
Federal Appeal Court and US Supreme Court-  Brief and Arguments

Our Approach

We will work hard to earn your trust and loyalty through our commitment to you and your case, by our work ethic, our experience and resources, our deep commitment to obtain justice and our honest ethical approach.