Commercial Leases: Negotiation, Document and Closing

Lease of Real Estate

Commercial Lease Representation

A lease transaction can be more complicated than an outright purchase or sale of real estate because of the ongoing relationship between the parties. Parties to a lease spend a great deal of time and energy negotiating terms which will govern their relationship with the property for years. It is critical to carefully scrutinize the lease agreement to ensure the proper business terms are incorporated, identify troublesome provisions and provide solutions to address them.  Some of these issues involve tenant construction allowances, repair obligations, operating expenses, options to extend, tenant exclusivity, surrender and restoration requirements, and personal guaranties. 

An oversight in drafting can lead to unexpected business expenses, disputes and potentially costly litigation. Whether you are a landlord or tenant, our legal professionals take a personalized, detail-oriented approach to help clients understand their rights and obligations under a lease and safeguard their interests.

We guide clients through the complexities of the entire lease transaction, including preparation of letters of intent,  to the negotiation and finalization of the lease agreement. We strive to provide certainty to our clients while minimizing risk and avoiding future disagreements.

Residential Lease Representation

We can also help our clients who need a lease of a residential house or apartment. There are numerous consumer laws that relate to and effect the terms of a residential lease.

Our Approach

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