Coverage Issues

Insurance Coverage Issues

Insurance Coverage issues arises in several different context. Perhaps you had a fire on your property. If it was caused by lightening, usually the coverage is there by your own insurance policy, although the amount to be paid may be in issue. Do you have full replacement coverage or a depreciation coverage?  The amount to be paid may vary greatly. If however the fire damage was caused by a negligent act of a family member, an insured, a person living in your home, an owner of the property, then the entire coverage may be at risk, if the carrier believes the cause was deliberate or intentional. The difference between an intentional act (not covered) and a negligent act (covered) is fact based and the evidence that can be found. If your child is an adult but moved back home for a short period of time, that person may or may not be considered an insured. Being an insured can make a big difference in an insurance policy coverage issue. 

Coverage issues also arise when there are more than one policy that may be in effect. For example on an automobile driver - owner policy. The owner of the policy may have coverage. The driver may have coverage. The employer of the driver may have coverage. There may be a dispute between people as to whether the  driver had had authority to drive, or was "on the job" when the accident occurred.. There may be a limit of coverage on one policy , but a high limit on an other policy. Determine prime and secondary responsibility is fact intense and needs a thorough investigation 

Coverage issues can arise in many different situations. 

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