Contract Enforcement and Defense

Giving your company more confidence

As a business owner or executive, you have most likely spent substantial time, effort and resources to grow and manage your company. And that includes the occasional dispute with another business, employee, customer, partner, government agency, or other individual or group.

Often such disputes revolve around a business agreement or contract. While contracts are usually written with the best intentions, they frequently fail to address situations that could potentially lead to disputes. Unfortunately, in these cases, everything that you have worked so hard for may be in jeopardy.

That's when it's crucial to have an experienced, on-call law firm that knows your business—one that you can trust to help your company resolve business or commercial disputes swiftly, with as little damage as possible for all parties

Contract Creation to Enforcement

Nearly every time a person  agrees to take an action with another party, such as hire an employee, or buy or sell goods, you are entering into a legally enforceable contract. The best way to enforce and prevent future legal problems is to get all agreements in writing and to have each one reviewed by an attorney before you sign it. This creates proof of what was agreed upon and will protect your business in the event of a future dispute.

Generally speaking, contracts such as employment agreements, leases and general business are governed and enforced by a state's common laws or the Uniform Commercial Code (for sale of goods). However resolution of contract disputes typically is  handled through the  court system. Therefore it's always advisable to have a knowledgeable contract attorney create your contracts.

One Place for Peace of Mind
Retaining an experienced business litigation law firm can prevent many problems down the road. We have a deep knowledge of business law in Iowa and Illinois.  So we can assist you in drafting, interpreting and enforcing contracts, and guide you in other legal matters, from consultation through litigation, if necessary.

Our Approach

We will work hard to earn your trust and loyalty through our commitment to you and your case, by our work ethic, our experience and resources, our deep commitment to obtain justice and our honest ethical approach.