Buy-Sell Agreements - Negotiation and Documentation

Buy or Sell Real Estate

Whether you are  buying or selling real estate, the transaction will likely involve a significant investment , and will drastically impact your financial position for years to come. To protect your investment, make a real estate transaction go smoothly and avoid the countless pitfalls that can arise when you buy,  sell or lease real estate, it is important to have experienced, knowledgeable legal team helping you. 

Residential Real Estate

If you are wondering, "do I need an attorney", yes, you do Although there are different opinions from your acquaintances, only you will deal with the property, the finances, the building codes, the title problems, the easements, the hidden defects

The purchase and sale of residential property often is the largest financial transaction of one's life. Due to their personal nature, residential transactions are also emotionally driven and stressful. Given these facts, residential purchases and sales can be complex and should not be taken lightly.

The legal consequences from mistakes or omissions during the buying and selling process can cause you major headaches and unanticipated costs. Buyers and sellers need technical advice about their rights and responsibilities under a contract.

Realtors and title company employees are not legally authorized, nor expected, to provide answers to important and  legal questions. We at BMCK H have decades of experience in handling the array of legal and title issues involved in the purchase or sale of a residence.

We navigate clients through the negotiation of the contract, title review, reviewing and explaining closing documentation and settlement statements as well as providing advice on consequences of default should the transaction not close. Our knowledge in residential transactions is also diverse. We have represented individuals, residential developers and home builders in the purchase and sale of single family homes, condominiums, and farms .

Commercial Real Estate

Committing to a commercial real estate deal is a weighty decision. These transactions  are often complicated, document-intensive and involve a significant investment. Unlike residential real estate deals, parties to a commercial transaction are deemed to be more sophisticated under the law, and therefore are afforded less protection.

Many of the federal disclosure laws protecting residential purchasers do not apply to a commercial purchase. While this creates flexibility in structuring commercial property deals, it also makes it easy for an inexperienced party to be taken advantage of. 

Poorly drafted purchase and sale contracts can lead to arguments among the parties, unnecessary expenses and potentially costly litigation. Similarly, failure to identify title issues or properly assess land use risks can turn a good real estate deal bad.

We are committed to assist our clients in every aspect of your commercial project. We will do it efficiently and effectively. Among other things, we provide guidance in negotiation and preparation of the sale agreement, conducting due diligence, examining and resolving complex title and survey issues and drafting documents and the closing documents. We focus on building long term partnerships with our clients and getting them results. 

Our Approach

We will work hard to earn your trust and loyalty through our commitment to you and your case, by our work ethic, our experience and resources, our deep commitment to obtain justice and our honest ethical approach.