Workers Compensation

Don't let a Work Injury set you back.

We proudly and aggressively represent hard working people who have been injured on-the-job in Iowa and Illinois. We are experience, knowledgeable and want to help you. The Workers Compensation laws were drafted to protect workers who are hurt on-the-job. In Iowa and Illinois these laws are to cover most workers who work in the State. This legislation requires employers to compensate their employees for work-related illnesses, injuries or death, and the employers must have the insurance that pays or they themselves pay benefits regardless of fault.

If you've been injured on the job and have incurred medical expenses or lost wages as a result of your injury, you may rightfully be entitled to workers compensation. We will help you determine if you qualify for workers' compensation. We will work tirelessly on your behalf.

Do you know your rights under the workers' compensation law?  

Work injuries take many forms, and include a repetitive stress injury for office workers or a serious fall injury at a manufacturing plant. It may involve a loss of a hand or leg, or it may involve a back injury that is not visible. It may be a work-related illness or health condition or a loss of body part or death. On-the-job injuries have some things in common:

  • They prevent a worker from continuing to do the job
  • They cause workers physical harm and emotional trauma
  • They can cause serious financial issues

Workers Compensation laws are in place to make certain that injured workers receive medical care, benefits, and fair treatment from their employers. The majority of employers in Iowa and Illinois are required to carry workers' compensation insurance and are required to follow state mandates regarding worker accidents and injuries. Many claims for the workers compensation benefits go smoothly, but not all of them.

In some cases workers' compensation claim does  not go smoothly:

  • An employer or the Iowa workers'compensation insurance carrier may have denied your valid workers' compensation claim
  • An employer or the Iowa workers'compensation insurance carrier may have delayed payment of benefits for an unreasonable amount of time
  • You may believe the proposed workers' comp settlement is unreasonably small or unfair
  • Your employer may have discouraged you from filing a workers' comp claim or threatened you regarding a workers' comp claim
  • Your employer may have retaliated against you after you filed a workers' comp claim
  • Your employer may not have provided you with appropriate medical care following an on-the-job accident

We have helped many injured workers secure the benefits they deserve. After an on-the-job accident, after you are forced to stop working, after your employer denies your workers' compensation claim – it can feel like the whole world is against you. We are here to evaluate your case and fight for you. We are here to take away the confusion you may feel about your the work injury claim process and settlement. We have the knowledge and experience to help you.

Our Approach

We will work hard to earn your trust and loyalty through our commitment to you and your case, by our work ethic, our experience and resources, our deep commitment to obtain justice and our honest ethical approach.