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Safety Tips While Driving

Posted by Joseph C. Creen | May 05, 2015 | 0 Comments

Each day 17-18 lives are lost because of a fatigued driver, according to the 2014 study by AAA Foundation. 21% of all deadly crashes are because of drowsy/fatigued drivers. An additional 13% of all crashes resulted in serious injury with hospitalization because of fatigued drivers. A total of 41% of all car crashes resulted in either fatality, severe injury or other injury were because of fatigued drivers.

Keep your family safe by:

  • Drive when you are alert and rested. Caffeine, loud music, open windows are not a substitute for sleep.
  • Talk with your children, especially your teenagers about the dangers of being drowsy while driving and the danger of being distracted, using a cell phone, and texting while driving. It is illegal in Illinois and will be illegal in Iowa (July 1) to text and drive.
  • Speak up if you are a passenger in the car and the driver is showing signs of fatigue or is distracted by cell or texts.
  • It is better to pull over, make or answer the call, or to  rest, take a nap, or get a motel room, and arrive late rather than not arrive at all or to cause a car accident.

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​Joe Creen is an experienced ​general trial attorney with 30 years of trial experience, in personal injury, brain injury, property damage, business, construction, contract and probate litigation. For the past 20 years his practice in personal injury cases involves helping those who were injured or killed in car accidents, falls, faulty products, and who suffered physical injury, brain injury or death of a loved one. ​


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